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Spring is Here. Are You Listening?

Spring is a good time to listen to the sounds of nature. There are lots of birds singing and they’re easier to see while there aren’t so many leaves on the trees to hide them. Practice listening with your children whether you are listening to birds singing, sounds at the beach or even a spring rain storm.

Spring is also a good time to talk about life cycles. Baby animals are everywhere. If you’re lucky you can find tadpoles in a pond. Did you know that bull frogs usually spend two or more years as tadpoles? Other baby animals grow up very quickly. “Google” your child’s favorite animal or go to the library to learn how long it takes them to grow up. Maybe your child can draw a family picture of a frog family, or a butterfly family.

Spring Peeper on a window.

Spring Peeper on a window.

If plants are more your thing, try planting some seeds and help your child care for them. Gardening can be a great, low-cost activity, plus it’s a way to promote healthy eating. Little farmers might be more likely to eat lettuce, if they grow it themselves!

Enjoy the warmer weather, and say “YAY!” to going outside.