Helping children and families connect with the natural world

About Penny Folsom

Penny Folsom's professional experience and personal philosophy.

About Penny Folsom

My name is Penny Folsom. I am a presenter and a consultant with a mission to encourage children and families to “Say Yes to Nature!”

I worked at the Phyllis Fratzke Early Childhood Learning Lab, a part of Grand Rapid Community College, for 26 years. While earning a master’s degree from Western Michigan University, I completed a research project that supported my belief in the benefits of connecting children and their families to the natural world. I am an advocate for nature education, especially for young children and their families.

I have a large collection of nature-related items (bio facts) that I love to share. I feel that children and their families have lost an important connection to the natural world, but that can change!

When was the last time you laid in the grass and watched clouds drift overhead, naming what you saw? Encourage imagination; it is great for healthy development. Explore the grass for bugs and other living creatures.

Encourage your child(ren) to watch and wonder, treating all things in nature with care and respect. Your children are the next stewards of this great place we call home.


Penny’s Credentials

Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education - Western Michigan University

Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education - Western Michigan University

Member of Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE)